Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blogging for business

A few simple rules to follow while developing your Blog are:

a. B-blogs should be updated on a timely and routine basis. Never should stale information be left lingering on a b-blog.

b. As a blog is informative, its content should be crisp and natural, and not ordered or planned like that in a newspaper. Also, it should be easy to access old blogs in an archive.

c. Develop a theme, and form an original writing style. This will make you a unique blogger, and give you a strong and loyal audience.

d. Clarity and simplicity in a blog is of utmost importance!

e. Use keywords extensively to entice search engine robots. This includes visibility in search engine listings. Use key words in titles as well, though titles should not be more than 10 or 12 words long

f. Frequently published blogs will mean search engines will come back later to index the site.

g. Use your spelling and grammar checkers!

h. Syndicate your blog with RSS service (discussed later) to boost readership.

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