Sunday, January 23, 2011

How To Be A Part Of Blogger

If you are searching for the easiest way to start a blog, then perhaps Blogger is the solution for you.
You can setup a Blogger account and add your first post, literally within minutes.
The drawback is that you only have so much control over the design/layout of your blog, and a limited amount of features.

If you can live with these shortcomings, then a Blogger account is your best option.
Setting Up Your Blogger Account

Step 1 – Getting Started

Follow the link below and click on the “Create Your Blog Now” arrow.

Step 2 – Create Your Account

Once you have clicked the arrow, you will be taken to the “Create AnAccount” page.
Here you will create your account username/password (Be sure to write down this information and put it somewhere safe). Don’t forget to read over the Terms of Service agreement, and check the acceptance box.
Click on the “continue” arrow and move on to step 3.

Step 3 – Name Your Blog

The next step is to name your blog.
It is a good idea to name your blog after the theme for which you intend to use it (I.e. Water Gardening, Ice Hockey, etc). Simply naming your blog, “My blog” or “Jane’s Big Blog” is unprofessional and generally won’t catch people’s interests.
Putting some extra thought into your blog name can pay huge dividends down the road.
Once you have decided on an appropriate name, you can fill out the forms.
Hint: To keeps things simple, keep the blog title and blog address thesame.
Ignore the advanced settings option, and click on the orange “continue” arrow.

Step 4 - Choose Your Blog Template

You are almost there, just one more step to go!
This is where you get to have a little fun and let out your creative side, by choosing your blog template.
Keep in mind that this template can be changed at anytime. Some people like to try out all of the templates, until they find one that is just right for them.Or if you prefer, you can create a custom template for your blog. However, this can all be done at a later date.
For now, simply click the tab by the design that catches your eye and continue on to the next page.

Step 5 – Generate Your Blog

Now comes the easy part. Just sit back and relax while Blogger creates your blog.
After your blog has been created, you will see the following page:
Click the “Start Posting” button to make your first official post.
Congratulations! You are now a blogger! How easy was that?

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