Thursday, January 27, 2011

To My Best Friends

Your everything to me through thick & thin

You've been there when I cried and was hurt

You made me laugh and made me see the pain won't last forever

We been friends not just friends but Best Friends for almost nine years

You & I been through a lot together

Sure we had our silly fights

But it was like shake it off and say whatever

We lasted so long and come this far I can't see us ever being apart

But that my friend is a dream I know is about to end

Your leaving to begin a whole new chapter in your life

I will see you again soon I hope

It hurts to say goodbye and to think you will be there and I will be here

But think things will be fine I'll live through it so will you

I'm glad your my best friend

Remember even though your leaving I'm just a phone call away

I love you & don't you ever forget that!

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