Saturday, February 5, 2011

story : Sun and Moon

One day God was giving jobs to all animals, humans, trees and planets. He saw the nine planets and wondered. The Earth is the most beautiful planet and it has so much responsibility as many people live here. Let me allot the Sun and the Moon to help Dear Earth. The Sun was told to shine on earth for the entire day and then the moon was to come to keep her company during the dark.

The Sun God and Moon God met in Heaven and greeted each other. They were excited but the moon said, ‘Let us play the hide and seek game from now on.’ This is what happens as when the moon goes the sun comes bright and shining to help the human beings begin the day. We go to school, elders go to office and the day is a busy time. While it gets to be dark, the sun hides and up comes the moon and with it comes the stars.

The moon is the satellite of the earth and is very close to where the earth is. When the moon comes up, we begin to rest as rest is important for our body. One day there was confusion and the Moon and Sun accidentally met and then there was Eclipse. Everyone said it is when the sun, moon and earth talk to each other there is eclipse. Though this is rare, the scientists are finding out new ways to know more about the eclipse.

The Sun was proud of his job as he was the life giver to many living things. The plants needed him, kids loved him and many humans worshipped him. The moon was sad and yet did his job dutifully. As the routine was set, one hot day, the Sun was tired and was waiting for the day to get over. The Moon decided to play truant and did not want to come. The Sun pleaded, “C’mon Moon, You know I have had a tiring day so why don’t you help me’.

The fairy for the twilight came and pleaded to the moon, ‘Oh Moon. Please come over. All of us need you equally.’ The Moon came smiling. The Sun was relieved. He apologized to the moon and from then on God sent Evening so that the Sun and Moon can work happily during the day and night.

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