Tuesday, December 4, 2012


HELLO all, here i want to share how to get free internet for your Samsung Corby II using Maxis.
For Maxis user

First go to Settings > Connectivity > Network > Connections and then you will see Maxis WAP GPRS. Select it and edit the Access name colum from net to Unet and just change the proxy server and ip to Then press Save and exit from setting.

Then go to Menu > Games and Other and press the bottom menu and go to Connections and select Maxis WAP GPRS or other ap that you've edit.

After that download Opmin6.1maxis.zip and rename it from .zip to .jar and then send it to your corby 2.

Then open your corby 2 and make sure your credit balance is under RM1 or this trick will use your credit!!

After that install app that you downloaded and select allow and ask once if you get a notification when installing this app. After finished you can enjoy free internet. yeay

Goodluck and thank you

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